As the New Year transcends on us, we need to be mindful of the energies that circulate us. The stress, fear and negative energy brought upon by 2020’s massive challenges is still very much circulating within our energy field. These energies will depict our emotions, well-being and overall aura. Therefore, it is crucial to shift, clear and work through those emotions and blocked energy in order to feel vital, calm and confident this year.

For us all to effectively transcend into a new chapter, we need to fully acknowledge the past and heal elements that are still holding us back from achieving our dreams. Yet, the trick is not to spend valuable time and energy trying to change the past but to rather focus your energy on accepting what is and working on not reacting negatively to situations. Accepting that some old ways, people and things will not change. Don’t fight it. Don’t force it. Don’t repeat these old patterns. Focus your energy on moving on to new greater things for yourself. Sometimes it takes time for these elements not to trigger you anymore and to release the past and welcome the new. But when you fully surrender and heal, your world shifts and new opportunities flood your field. 

Make use of this practical exercise this month and start your year identifying where you may need healing. 

  1. What elements of your life would you like to change in 2021?
  2. What is holding you back from achieving your goals? 
  3. What are your fears for this year ahead?
  4. What triggers can you not seem to stop reacting to in a negative manner?
  5. What are your insecurities? 
  6. How do you manifest your goals?

Another great exercise to do this month is create a vision board for yourself, acting as a visual reminder of the reality you wish to create for yourself. A tip that I have for you to accelerate this manifestation process is to truly allow yourself to feel the emotions that relate to your dreams. Close your eyes, imagine, dream and truly let your soul feel.

For example, truly feel what it would be like to be in your dream house, to have sufficient cash flow, to be internally happy or to be loved unconditionally. If these frequencies are running through your energy field, the chances of you subconsciously taking action into manifesting them are significantly higher. Compared to if you were just looking at pictures, reading affirmations or writing in your journal.

Let me know how your goal setting goes this month, I love hearing feedback from my valued members of The Healing Room community. 

In love, light and happiness,

Debbie Taylor