The pandemic ‘global shift’ is symbolic of a much greater shift in human consciousness. I have witnessed this by seeing people become more in tune with their authentic selves as they embark on our worlds new reality and adapt to all the sudden changes. The world is going through a very challenging and emotional time, which directly affects our energy bodies. 

Interestingly our energy fields differ every month, some months are gentle and others are a force to be reckoned with. We often struggle to understand these different energies and especially how to resonate and react to them which causes energy to become blocked. It is challenging to deal with triggering emotions when faced with financial, emotional and excess pressure which this year has brought upon. Yet, how we choose to control our feelings, emotions and set about our day, is crucial to living an authentic life. As despite the chaos around us, we are all in charge of our own destiny. Which is why I encourage my clients to focus on moving in divine light, to assist in letting go of unwanted energy that no longer serves a purpose in their lives.

Allow yourself to use this month as a reflection, a stepping stone for the new year. It is important to allow yourself to reflect, nurture and grow. I read an interesting blog by Elizabeth Peru, who explains how to solve a spiritual problem, her words resonated with me, “A spiritual solution offers the means by which you can go to the core of the problem and solve the cause, which solves the effect.” Allowing yourself to truly be connected will open your heart and mind with light and insight, which transcends from our souls. If we connect with our heart space we are capable of answering all our problems and finding the solutions we need.

Here are 3 tips that can help you connect and find your spiritual solutions:

BE HONOURING: This solution speaks to the act of gratefulness, to serve each day with a conscious and full heart. Fill your day with love and light and begin to notice all the joy and blessings that surround you. 

USE EMPATHY: Think before you act, imagine what it is like to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Act with good intentions and stillness. Empathy in itself is a super-power.

BE SELF-RESPONSIBLE: Our greatest power stems from self-responsibility. Understand what the consequences are of your actions and how these actions would affect those around you. If you can understand and embody your decisions, you will live a happier and healthier life.

Use this holiday time to incorporate meditation into your life, still time to be present with yourself and reflect on how you have handled things this year. This will indicate where you need healing and support.

I am always here for you, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your personal healing journey. You never have to feel alone, as you are part of The Healing Room community.

In love light and happiness, 

Debbie Taylor