2021 has been identified as a year to take rest, recuperate and recover from the stress of 2020. It is the year to approach life and everything you do from a position of rest, energy and mental calm. ‘True rest’ is a discipline and is not achieved via the casual act of lying on the coach or watching a series on a Sunday. These activities are restful, but with other things on your mind, they do not produce a deep, soulful rest for your spiritual body. The tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion you feel from 2020 is acting as your guide for 2021 and how you should respond to your body.

In order to recharge, rebalance and radiate, I encourage you to focus on the following elements;

Self Preservation

  1. Self preservation is about feeding your soul and doing more of the things that make your heart warm. 
  2. Looking after yourself and implementing a self-care routine and scheduling in “me time”. 
  3. Taking care of the things that matter. This means doing things that are hard and not just doing things that please your ego. Too often we exhaust ourselves, spend energy on the things our friends or family want us to do and neglect things that matter to us personally. 


Conservation, in its purest sense, is really about finding the most efficient way to use a resource. It implies thoughtfulness, careful planning and discipline. The key to 2021 is to conserve your time, money & mental energy and spend it on things that ignite your internal happiness, peace, laughter and stillness.


Think carefully about what you spend your time, money or energy on. I encourage you to not spread yourself too thin and say yes to everything. Be selective to what you attend and how many hours you allocate to tasks. This is not being selfish but rather restoring your energy so when you do give a task or person your time, you are present, energised and can give them your undivided full attention.

Spiritual exhaustion is when you have run out of fuel and don’t have the strength to deal with life’s challenges. Let alone any new problems or opportunities that come in your field. Therefore, you need to rest before you get too tired and meditate regularly to practice coming from a position of power.

One of the golden rules in nature is to “grow roots, first and branches second”. Which aims to highlight the need of focusing on root growth and sustainability first. Then the flowers and fruits will come naturally later. I encourage you to adopt this ideology in 2021, be gentle on yourself, nourish your soul, support your physical and energy body and see your life naturally fill up with opportunities to take you to the next level.

I would love to support you on your journey of rebalancing your chakras, realigning your mind and soul together and becoming more radiant.

In love, light and happiness

Debbie Taylor