We are living through a global pandemic and the worst economic crisis our humanity has ever experienced and this we can not control. 

However, the good news is that how we react to the many challenges that are being thrown our way will determine how successfully we navigate our way through these stressful times and the future we find ourselves living in. 

We all know that your thinking and your feelings create your reality but what are we doing about it?

This ‘lockdown’ has forced us all to STOP but are we all choosing to reconnect, reset  & rebirth?

A calm and still mind is what is needed to manage and overcome these hurdles effectively so that we do not lose ourselves through these trying times.

Not knowing what the future holds can create a lot of anxiety, fear, and frustrations keeping us in a state of detachment from our true self, our true path. 

Were you happy with yourself and your life before “lockdown”?  

If not, then prioritising mental health and emotional wellbeing is very important right now to stay present and focused on what we can control, our reactions and our choices.

Self-love practices like meditating, exercise and taking time to reflect would benefit everyone right now because being kind to yourself is the first step to reconnect with your true self, bringing about self- love which leads to a happy fulfilled life.  

Staying connected to family and friends allows them to be there for you, to offer support and guidance and for you to reciprocate. This creates a sense of belonging, of community which brings about well being.

Every day is a gift so even though we are going through a HUGE global change it does not mean that you should not still be enjoying your life. Find the joy in your daily activities despite not being able to move freely, choose how you react to the mundane. You could simply choose to be happy doing what needs to be done.

As the whole world is changing, new exciting opportunities are being presented so don’t forget to be still and calm so you see them.  This could be the change that you have always been seeking. 

This could be a very good time for you to do something for yourself and start that project you have always wanted to do. It is never too late to be who you might have been if circumstances were different. 

I encourage you to do something that feeds your soul, believe in yourself and abilities, and do something out of the ordinary. Trust your gut, listen to it.

Let your authentic self be heard. As when we come from our heart-space and live according to our true purpose, everything falls into place. 

You do not have to go back to your old normal, you can create a new life for yourself which fulfills you and makes you happy. Love yourself enough to put your wellbeing first and say no to everything that is no longer serving you.  The time has never been more right than right now. Just do it!

I am here to support you on your transformational journey to live a happy life that you love. 

In love, light, and happiness

Debbie Taylor