Why has this year been so challenging yet our biggest opportunity to quantum leap our personal growth and ascension in consciousness?

2021 is a number 5 year which means that we have had the 5th element, spirit in union with the other 4 elements, wind, fire, earth and water guiding us to focus on all spiritual aspects of our lives. 

Energy is fluid, constantly moving, flowing and eternal connecting all that is. We are energy, spirit and this year brought the truth of that home to us and the knowing in our hearts that we are all actually connected to each other, that we are all one. Everything is everything, everyone is everyone and everyone is everything and vice versa.

The element of spirit this year has supported us in connecting us to our individual soulful selves and at the same time the collective as a whole, bringing into our consciousness unity, unconditional love and an equanimous perspective giving us clarity and a clearer understanding of our ability to move forward into a new light, higher resonance and co-creating a new earth. It has brought in the opportunity to begin the process of rising up and ascending in consciousness.

This year had been about being in the moment, finding presence and diving into a greater understanding of why we are here, what is the purpose of our lives, what matters, what do we want for ourselves and how do we line up so that  our souls can expand and express our truth while serving the greater good of all that is. It has been about movement, change and integrating the change.

My favourite word this year has to be “actionalise” as action around understanding that it is the consistent action that will build the momentum that we need to create our new way of being in the world, to fully integrate the change needed in our perspective to feel completely safe while not knowing what the next moment will bring.

This year gave us the opportunity to release and let go all the ways we were showing up in our lives that were no longer serving us and all the ways we were holding ourselves back.It brought home that we cannot control what is coming, that each day brings a whole new set of experiences which when you have no expectations is really exciting because you know there will be opportunity for growth, evolvement and expansion. 

2021 was a year of deep reflection, connecting with your higher self, having the courage to engage with yourself honestly and actionalise what needed to be done to learn how to surrender, be vulnerable and be in flow with life.

All in all it was a year of great opportunity for personal growth and quantum leaping of our level of consciousness in all matters. 

In love, light and happiness

Debbie Taylor