This year, there is a difference in the air as it is a new decade. Society shifts everything at the dawn of a new decade. Music is categorized by decades. History is grouped by decades. If there is ever a time where starting fresh, shifting perspectives, or changing from who you currently are into the person you strive to be, the beginning of a decade is one of the best times.

Throughout life’s professional and personal journey, we aim to grow, learn, flourish, and thrive within multiple facets of existence. Through the different layers of life, we manifest various realities based on inspiration, personal motivation, and innate drive.

At the beginning of the year we tend to feel prosperous and determined yet after

setting positive intentions and realistic goals for yourself, life’s chaos often distracts us and our mental state is easily affected. It is very common for strong individuals to be lead astray and deviate away from their new year’s resolutions.

Therefore it is imperative that you have a self-love system in place, such as scheduled weekly meditations to ground yourself and prevent people’s behaviours and unforeseen circumstances to change your head space. It is highly recommended for one to set aside time to reflect each month, journal your thoughts and track your progress of staying true to the personal boundaries that you set for yourself. Your values and ethics should not be compromised. Your goals should be measurable and attainable. Your thoughts should not be causing you stress and anxiety. You should be calm and centred with clear intentions for the day which inspire you.

This is the time of year I encourage my clients to answer the following questions:

Stay committed to your personal growth. A goal without a plan, is simply a wish.

I am always here to support you. In love and light, Debbie Taylor