During challenging times where there is uncertainty, fear, panic and even death it is absolutely normal for one’s anxiety to increase. We are amidst a worldwide crisis health wise and economically but this crisis does not have to be your crisis.

What I can tell you is that we are all on this journey together and it is going to take a while before things start collectively settling and we see movement towards a better future for the planet and every living being on it. 

The question you should be asking yourself is:

“How do I use this gift of time and change to realign myself to my core values, re- connect to my life’s purpose so I bring the very best version of myself to the collective co-creating of our new world and our new 5.0 humanity?”  

Now is the time to be mindful in every moment of the thoughts and feelings you are having as this is the place from where we all create our reality. Holding unconditional  love in your heart for yourself, peace and stillness in your mind with no judgement of self is how you start healing yourself so you can resonate at the right energetic frequency to co-heal your family, your business, your community and collectively our whole humanity. 

How do you practice self-love? 

You start by first reconnecting with your body, with how it is feeling and with what it is needing right now. Self-love is when you gift your body exactly what it needs so it can  be healthy, feel vital and calm.

We are all on this journey together so let me support you during these challenging times by inviting you to my daily Free Online Healing Sessions and weekly Free Online Q & A about healing yourself and co-healing. 

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In love and light, Debbie Taylor