Rather than counting each day of quarantine and isolation, make each day meaningful. Upon shedding light on the positives during this time of distress and uncertainty, it is also a wonderful time for reflection and inspiration.

Do not let the following days be filled with emptiness and anxiety. Use it to think about how you can change your business, better your relationships and help your community. I challenge you to be as innovative as possible and to connect your mind, body and spirit to a higher power which will guide you during this period.

Once you have direction, clarity and are inspired by your purpose, your mind will transcend limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you will find yourself in a new reality. Dormant forces and talents become alive enabling you to discover new things about yourself.

If you knew your business would not survive the economic crisis, what work would you rather be doing?

If you had the opportunity to be a part of a new business, what industry would you be in?

See this staying at home period, a time for you to make the necessary changes to start living a different life. Life’s chaos has been paused. Now what are you doing to do so that your life makes a difference when things start running again?

Let go of limiting internal beliefs, visualise a new and different future that leaves you feeling fulfilled and happy.

I would love to mentor you during this period, email me for more information on how to join my online community.

In love and light, Debbie Taylor