When we are stuck in the past or fixated on the future, we cannot be truly present and we miss the magic of this moment. 

Right now it is especially important to ground and centre ourselves during this time when the whole world is nervous and uncertain. 

Our minds may be running wild thinking about what is going to happen once the virus has ended. 

These thoughts can become overwhelming, causing us to miss out on the gift of time that we have been given. 

Ask yourself:

Due to being confined to our homes, we currently have more time to sit down while eating meals calmly, to drink our tea slowly, wake up in an unrushed fashion, lie in bed for an extra few minutes and perhaps even time to take a nap during the afternoon. 

This I believe is a good thing, as it makes you think critically about things and reflect on your life choices and current status. Looking back on the person you were before the virus, and visualising the type of person you want to be after the pandemic ends. 

Honour the space between no longer and not yet.

Knowing our personal characteristics is very important as during challenging situations, we draw on our inner resources and core values to guide us. 

This decreases the chances of losing yourself in the pressure of the situation, as your heart  will always guide you and keep you right on the path. 

If you are struggling to stay connected and present then join me either privately or on my course so I can teach you some easy tools to use so you can manifest a life filled with happiness and inner peace. 

These practices will decrease fears and anxieties and leave you feeling calm, focused and centred. 

In love, light and happiness Debbie