My mission is to get my clients into a space whereby they feel wanted, appreciated and valued at work and in all aspects of their personal lives. We all have unique talents and should find a job that allows us to grow, learn and live our passions. However the limiting belief systems we hold often hinder our successes as we are fearful to step outside of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow a career path that is right for you and to not allow life’s challenges to stop you from attempting the job, career you always felt was right for you to be in. At work your mind should be stimulated, you should be generating new ideas, coming up with better ways to do things and you should feel safe to be able to share them with the team. There should be continued opportunity to learn and grow. Questions to ask yourself, to know if you are in the right job: Do you find your work rewarding? Do you feel motivated when you wake up in the morning? Are you excited to tell other people about your work? Do you feel challenged at work? Do you feel inspired by the work that you do for a living? Does your business facilitate you to live a life that you love? If you feel stuck in a job that is not right for you, I encourage you to have courage, evaluate your options and change paths to a position that is inline with your core values, your passions and facilitates personal growth. There are many opportunities all around, so find your voice, stand up for yourself, speak your truth and let those around you know when you do not feel happy or adequate within your current business environment, this way you open the opportunity for new doors will soon open up. By being true to yourself, the universe will support and guide you and knowing where you stand will empower you to move in the right direction, one where you are following your heart. Written by Debbie Taylor Energy Healer and Life Mentor