The feeling of being constantly overwhelmed, tired and anxious while trying to juggle the household chores and family dynamics after a long, draining unpleasant day at the office, should not be anyone’s reality. If you look at your life and think how did this happen to me? This is not the life that I planned and dreamed of, this cannot possibly be what life is all about? Then you know it is time to take a good hard look at yourself because somewhere along the line you stopped trusting your gut, your intuition and you lost your direction. Life is not meant to be a misery and you are not meant to feel as if you do not have a purpose. You are not meant to feel disconnected from yourself and alone while surrounded by people. Your eternal life, is like a mirror and reflects what is truly going on inside of you, so if you do not like what you are seeing and experiencing then that is a very good indicator that you have lost your way and need to reconnect with your authentic self, your core values and rediscover your life’s purpose. Key indicators as to when you should reassess your life: You are unable to sleep at night because your head is so noisy. You are anxious and oversensitive. You are stressed and procrastinate. You are overwhelmed and cannot make decisions. You never have enough time to do anything. You feel like you are always working. You tend to think negatively. You are in survival mode. You are reactive and ineffective. Your life feels like hard work. Now the question you might be asking is,” how does one effectively reassess one’s life and how does one make the necessary changes so that you experience a Life that you Love?” The answer is, “Get support from a qualified and experienced life coach or mentor.” Unpacking your life and taking the first steps on your transformational journey to your authentic self should be supported by someone you trust as the first lesson in transformation is loving yourself enough to accept support. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” – Buddha I wish you well as you take the first steps to reconnecting with yourself, so exciting! As always I am here to assist whomever would like my support along their journey. To book an appointment email In love and light, Debbie Taylor