One should have enough energy, psychological grounding and mental focus so as to be consistently productive at work. You should be able to maintain a balanced lifestyle, allowing you to get other “stuff” done and yet not feel constantly behind with your workload. On Friday’s you should be excited for the weekend but not feel that you need a full-blown vacation to recover from the week. Sunday night should not bring on the feeling of dread as you get mentaly ready for the next week. If you are in the right workspace you will wake up on Monday morning feeling refreshed, excited and ready for the week ahead. Does this sound like you? The first step gearing you in the right direction so you find yourself in a work position that you are passionate about and are able to truly excel in, is to become aware of your strengths, your weaknesses and core values. Answer the following questions truthfully, to see if you are in a work position that is right for you: Do your goals align with those of your business? Are you happy in your work space? Do you feel as if your profession suits your personality? Does your job give you the flexibility to be an all rounded individual? Do you feel excited to go to work everyday? Does your job facilitate personal growth? Is the team you work with kind and helpful? Old habits and belief systems within our subconscious mind often stop us from pursuing our dreams and aspirations causing many of us to stay stuck within a job that does not allow for our unique traits and capabilities to shine, leaving us feeling unfulfilled at work. Therefore we have to focus on the route of the issue, being ourselves, our happiness and our talents in order to perform better in the working environment. I encourage all my clients to complete my profile test so that they get to know themselves better, find out their strengths and weaknesses and what their unique genius is so they are then able to create the change needed for them to move into a profession that enables them to be happy and successful. We all can make an impact on the world through our business, by giving back to our communities and being the best possible versions of ourselves. Start your journey now, in healing yourself in order to heal your business and live a life that you love. Written by Debbie Taylor Energy Healer and Life Mentor