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Live a life that you Love! 4 Steps to Guide You to the Right Direction
Have you had that moment in life when, trying to juggle the kid’s supper and household chores with your last breath of energy after a long, draining day at the office, you think to yourself that something just isn’t right… you feel hopeless, listless and lost. This wasn’t what you […]
13 Feelings to Give You Direction in Life
Did you know that by listening to your feelings you can find your direction in life? “I just knew it”, “I believed in to my heart”, “I could feel it in my bones”, “I trusted my to my gut”, These are sentiments often heard expressed when referring to one’s intuitive […]
Life as a Mirror
Imagine that life is a mirror, reflecting all your beliefs, values, perceptions, thoughts and actions. When we want to see something change in our physical reality we need to start by making the changes on the inside. What we put out into the world is what is going to be […]
Finding Direction in Life
“If you do not change direction, you may land up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu At some stage or another you will be faced with the ultimate question – what direction should you take in life? As a school leaver you may be ruminating over what to do […]
Choose Happiness, and Success Can Follow…
I honestly think we have it backwards, we seem to believe that the moment we are successful, we will instantly achieve happiness. The problem is working towards success is future based, and when we tie our happiness to those goals, it then becomes an elusive thing of the future as […]
What Are Your Core Values?
Let’s Define Your Core Values Your core values are those deeply held beliefs and qualities that dictate your behaviour and help to clarify right and wrong in different situations.  They determine your priorities and give you an indication of whether your life is turning out the way you expected it […]
How Your Core Values Can Be Your Greatest Assets
If I were to ask you what your personal core values are, would you be able to answer?   Our core values are deeply held fundamental beliefs or qualities that dictate our behaviour and help to clarify right and wrong in different situations.  Core values are at the centre of […]
Are You Being Led Astray by Your Core Values?
What are the core values that you rank above all others? Whichever of your values have priority in your life will have influence over your decision making, your thought processes and help define who you are, regardless of if you are aware of it.  The question then becomes are you […]
How Your Core Values Can Be Your Compass in Life…
If you are anything like me, your life is busy, noisy and full. It is hard to pay attention to any single thing as your senses are assaulted from morning ‘til night by the sounds of civilization encroaching on your doorstep and through your electronic devices. Your concentration, vitality and […]
What is a “Life Purpose”?
Are you floating through life, going from day to day, just existing for the space of that singular day? Where every day is its own book – with its own beginning, middle and end – rather than each day being a page out of your life’s book, where the story […]
Why Should You Have a Life Purpose?
Now we know that to live a life with purpose is living a life with meaning. You are working towards goals, using your gifts to do something that you are passionate about that adds value to your life or the lives of those around you. “The two most important days […]
How Do I Find My Life Purpose?
Your life purpose is the main motivator behind what you do in life – why you get up in the morning and why you carry on from day to day. Your purpose can help give you meaning and direction in life, it clarifies your goals and guides your decisions and […]