How many times have you made a list of goals to achieve and never fulfilled any of them? As Dennis Deyoung said, “Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.” Have you ever thought as to why they succeeded? 

Successful people actually fail their way to the top. They are the ones that never gave up no matter how hard it got, no matter how long it took, no matter what effort was required or no matter  how many times they failed. Every time they failed they picked themselves up and tried again.

Can you imagine a world without light bulbs? If Thomas Edison gave up trying to find a stable filament to make his electric light bulb invention work  we would still be using candles. He tried out thousands of different versions and every single one failed until finally one of them did work.

This is his famous comment, “I have not failed. I’ve simply discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.” Most people want the end result but are not prepared to put in the hard work and effort over the period of time that it takes to make the goal a reality. They want instant gratification. In short they want the reward of the goal but they don’t actually need it. If you don’t need to have something then you don’t commit to it in full and you definitely won’t push yourself to attain it.

Why do people always start with good intentions but after a few days they just give up?

Emotions are the real culprit. Our emotions come and go hence why they are called e….motion, they are always moving.  When we want to achieve a certain goal it takes certain daily actions over a period of time in order to achieve the desired outcome. 

Daily effort, daily discipline!

Success is actually the progresssive realization of a worthy ideal and if you do not have the right attitude behind the daily actions to keep those actions in place you won’t achieve your goal. Your attitude is being created by your philosophy so in short the key ingredient to achieving your goals is your philosophy. Your philosophy creates your attitude, which creates your actions, which creates your results which creates your life.

One can have a momentary attitude adjustment through being inspired by a speaker, friend or story and this will get you moving in the right direction but it won’t last because of your emotions (being determined by your philosophy in your subconscious mind) and because life happens.

On those days when you wake up and don’t feel like doing what needs to be done your philosophy will be the determining factor as to if you do or don’t. A positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude which turns into positive actions which turns into positive results which turn into a positive lifestyle, a positive life.Your philosophy is your view on life, something beyond feelings and attitudes. Your philosophy drives your attitudes and feelings which drives your actions. When you get to know who you truly are you get to understand your philosophy you can choose to change it if you wish to.  

Your mindset is the most important factor in achieving your goals and dreams. 

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. 

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In love and light