As many of you know, I recently moved out of my home that my two daughters and I have lived in for 20 years. Due to the time being right for my girls to move out of their childhood home and for us to venture out on our own new paths. It has been bittersweet in feeling sad that one chapter is ending yet being optimistic and exciting for what our new futures have in store for us. I would love to share some of the coping mechanisms I utilised to stay calm and stress free when undergoing this extreme change, which presented some challenging moments. 

Coping mechanisms to decrease your stress levels and to assist in staying calm when experiencing change: 

Starting is the hardest part

Start the moving process as early as possible, you might think that it won’t take you that long to sort everything out and pack, but trust me it always takes longer than expected. I started 3 months prior to our moving date and we were still packing the night before! 

Use effective planners & lists

This may be simple and obvious but it is so helpful and seriously reduces your stress as you can see your time-line and that everything that needs to be done is on the planner so make lots of lists! My daily to-do lists kept me on track for what needed to be completed. 

Learning to not feel guilty to ask for Support 

Do not try to do it alone, as a single parent, naturally I started the process alone but soon realised I needed support. Do not feel guilty for asking people to help you, call on your friends and family and get as many hands on deck as possible. You deserve to be helped and assisted during high stress situations and you will  find that people will love and thoroughly enjoy the time spent with you, no matter what the task is that you are doing together.  People like to feel needed, they like to help so ask for it.

  1. Utilise The Healing Rooms Breathing Technique

Make use of calming and centering breathing techniques. In those moments when you feel like you are going to shout, stamp your feet or cry, when the change gets overwhelming and your stress levels start rising then being able to center yourself, stop and take a few minutes to breathe so as to bring you back to feeling calm and grounded will make the world of difference as to how you react to the challenging moment. 

Managing Your Emotions Effectively 

Allow yourself to truly feel all the emotions that come up when experiencing change. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your feelings and release emotions and not allow them to get bottled up inside. However, you do need to work on not getting completely caught up in a single emotion. For example you should allow yourself to feel sad for staying goodbye and for ending a chapter but do not let it diminish the joy and happy emotions you should simultaneously be feeling for the new beginning. 

Do you have access to The Healing Room’s Breathing Technique document? 

If you would like a greater explanation on how to manage your emotions suggested in point 5, I would be happy to explain so please feel free to message me. Moreover, if you would like me to send you the Stress Free breathing technique I teach my clients, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Life is about change. Sometimes it is happy and sometimes it is painful. But most of the time one is experiencing different levels of both. The trick is to appreciate and enjoy both the easy and the uncomfortable, for life is beautiful and all change brings us closer to truly knowing ourselves and living a stress free life that you love. 

In love, light and happiness 

Debbie Taylor