How do you want to feel at the end of this year?

In order to feel calm, happy, healthy and fulfilled at the end of 2020 you need to identify what areas of your life need healing so you can solve those issues now and start manifesting the inspired life you want for yourself.

 Can you answer this question: What blocks you/holds you back in life?

 Think of situations that keep recurring in your life that you cannot seem to change or react to differently. This will indicate what your triggers are and if evaluated correctly, through observing your behaviour, responses and emotions towards the situation, you will be able to identify what part of your pain body is being affected. 

It is really good to identify what is blocking you but in order to shift it one needs to connect with the feeling attached to that blockage and become aware of where in the body it is sitting. Think of it like dust particles in the air. You can’t see them unless the light falls in a certain way and then you can see them reflected in the light beam. 

 These microscopic particles of dense energy move around your body and then they collect in groups and deposit themselves in the body. When they do this they block the flow of energy in the body, stopping the right flow of light from reaching each cell in your body and thereby reducing the optimum functioning of your cells, which over time brings about illness. 

 Therefore, it is very important for your well-being to clear this negative energy. Start the process of identifying, connecting with your spiritual body and healing yourself today so that by the end of the year you feel lighter, happier and more connected to your authentic self. 

Write down what you think the biggest stumbling blocks are in your life that could be holding you back from living fully and being happy, calm and content. 

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In love light and happiness, 

Debbie Taylor