I honestly think we have it backwards, we seem to believe that the moment we are successful, we will instantly achieve happiness. The problem is working towards success is future based, and when we tie our happiness to those goals, it then becomes an elusive thing of the future as well. “I won’t be happy until xyz happens” or “I won’t be happy until I have…”.

Like many of you, I am driven, I love a challenge and I thrive when I have set myself goals and am working towards them. I like to do my best. I know I am just a bit competitive, and I love to see just what I can do. Now there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, but the key is to separate your happiness from your idea of success. Happiness should not be reliant on what you do or what you have, happiness should be what you pursue RIGHT NOW and here are 3 reasons why:

1.            There will always be more to achieve

The flow of modern life is to move on to the next big thing as soon as we have achieved our goal. Complete little school, big school and then varsity. Get your first job, get a better job and then get promoted. Buy a car, buy a house, then buy a better car and buy a bigger house.

The problem is there will always be more. To tie your happiness to a moving goal post is setting yourself up for failure. We need to rather learn to be content with what we have in our present moment, and find happiness in the act of living, regardless of where we are going or what we have.

2.            My happiness now will invite my successes in the future

The conventional belief is that once we have success we have “made it” and we will naturally be happy, but as I mentioned before I believe that it’s the other way around. I believe that once we are happy we will find our own version of success.

This starts with living life in a way that you love, focusing on what makes your soul ignite and prioritising those activities which are important to you. Find your own way of doing things that aligns with your beliefs and values. When you do this you will open yourself up to the types of people, experiences and opportunities in life that help you on your path to success.

3.            The end goal isn’t really success

For most of us the reason we set a goal is because it will make us feel a certain way. By getting a better salary, it will make me feel more financially secure. By getting that promotion it will make me feel more prominent and important. So what feeling is it you think you will get by being more successful that you can’t get right now?

I’m not saying that you need to give up on the success that you want, just give up on the illusion that you will only be happy once you have achieved your definition of success. There are so many ways that you can enjoy life RIGHT NOW while working towards your success, you can have fun and find pleasure in the moment.

Stop delaying your happiness for the future and start creating it now… and your success will follow.

By Debbie Taylor