Did you know that by listening to your feelings you can find your direction in life?
“I just knew it”, “I believed in to my heart”, “I could feel it in my bones”, “I trusted my to my gut”,

These are sentiments often heard expressed when referring to one’s intuitive response to an event in life. Intuition, when listened to has steered many people toward finding their purpose in life.

I find when I listen to my inner voice it always seems to know better than my conscious mind as to which direction is best to follow so that I can stay true to my heart and live my life with purpose.

Intuition is defined by the dictionary as: “an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts”.
If we know what to pay attention to we can be guided by some of our feelings, as they will let us know if the choices we made are in-line with our core values and serve our purpose in life.
So, what are these feelings?

  1. Self-confidence – If you have belief in yourself and your abilities you will manage anything you set out to. Your conviction in your actions indicates that you are being true to yourself, your core values and personal goals in life.
  2. Support – We need to have a sense of support in all that we undertake. You are usually on the right track when you feel that other people, who you are close to and share similar beliefs with you, agree with your choices in life.
  3. Pride – A good sign that you are on the right path is when you show pride in your work and achievements.
  4. Happiness – A clear indication that you are making the right choices in life, is feeling happy and content within yourself. When happiness is present it is obvious that your life is aligning with who you are and what you are trying to work towards.
  5. Patience – Knowing when to act makes all the difference and can alter the outcome of events. If there is no anxiety regarding the timing of your action as well as continued perseverance, you will achieve your goals.
  6. No regrets – When your decisions align with your values and purpose there will be no regrets.
  7. Things run smoothly – When there is little tension or stress encountered on your path, it is a good indication that you’re on the right track.
  8. Everything is alright – A sense of contentment and peace with where you are at the present moment.
  9. Freedom – When you feel total freedom and have no doubts you know the direction you are going in is true.
  10. The feeling of control – Feeling like you can control the situation and anything unexpected that may arise, shows the confidence you have in that moment.
  11. Full of energy – You will never be exhausted if you are making the right life choices. Pleasant things don’t drain the life out of you.
  12. Excitement for the future – If you are excited about what is coming and you are 100% sure that what is coming will be enjoyable and serve your purpose, then you should feel content with the direction of your life.
  13. Fun – If you are having fun with what you are doing, then you know that where you are going is where you want to be.
    I encourage you to start paying attention to what your feelings are trying to tell you. Listen and you may be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to find your purpose and your life’s passion.
    By Debbie Taylor