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Identify what needs healing to feel optimum health and happiness

How do you want to feel at the end of this year? In order to feel calm, happy, healthy and fulfilled at the end of 2020 you need to identify what areas of your life need healing so you can solve those issues now and start manifesting the inspired life […]

Clear negative energy by having an Energetic Spring Clean 

Why is Spring a perfect time for healing and renewal? Spring is the beginning of a new life cycle! The trees and flowers have started blooming again, all around us there are signs of new life.   Are we allowing this period of rebirth to happen in our bodies?   This is […]

Grounding, a technique that helps you to stay in the present moment

What Does it Mean to be Grounded? It means that you are present in your body each moment, connected with the Earth, aware of your surroundings, feeling centered, balanced, and calm no matter what’s going on around you. Over time we have lost our connection with the Earth and how […]

Following Passions & Becoming an Entrepreneur

Continuing on from the blog post before this, which was focused around balancing being a single mom and working full time with two small babies in the house. This blog explains why I chose the path of an entrepreneur.  As the industries are all undergoing massive change and development, many […]

My Story of being a Single Mom and Entrepreneur

Due to changes in the world resulting from the pandemic, industries are shutting down, schools are closed, people are seeking new jobs and are having to home school their children. Therefore recently, many of my clients have asked, how did you do it Debs?! Being both a single mom, raising […]

Igniting a positive mindset and calm reactions through Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit.  Reiki is a relaxing treatment whereby natural healing vibrations are transmitted through my hands to the body of the recipient, using reiki as a guided life force. It is normal to feel a warm […]

Connecting to our spiritual bodies, to guide us through uncertainty

The world is changing at an alarming rate due to COVID19 and while this change is good and very much needed for the survival of the planet it has caused much uncertainty and discomfort. The disruption on the planet has prompted us to look at ourselves in a more spiritual […]

Change your internal dialogue, and see results in your external environment.

Many of my clients when they first come to me can not wrap their heads around why life is not working in their favour. Many have not realised that by making changes within their external environment while still thinking in their old way will not be beneficial and they will […]

To fulfill your purpose in life you need an intimate, honest, and committed relationship with yourself.

Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity. It is easier to connect and understand one’s purpose in life than it is to fulfill it because external influences and expectations cloud our judgement and vision. We can be clear as to what our purpose in life is but at the same time […]

Living in your Spiritual Self

How do we quiet our overactive minds and stay calm? As stresses due to the pandemic continue to increase, my clients have been asking me what they can do to decrease their anxiety, stay present, and cope with the challenges which are very difficult to manage at the moment.  My […]

Is it time to reconnect to your true self and your true direction? If not now? When?

We are living through a global pandemic and the worst economic crisis our humanity has ever experienced and this we can not control.  However, the good news is that how we react to the many challenges that are being thrown our way will determine how successfully we navigate our way […]

Accepting this moment’s gift

When we are stuck in the past or fixated on the future, we cannot be truly present and we miss the magic of this moment.  Right now it is especially important to ground and centre ourselves during this time when the whole world is nervous and uncertain.  Our minds may […]


Rather than counting each day of quarantine and isolation, make each day meaningful. Upon shedding light on the positives during this time of distress and uncertainty, it is also a wonderful time for reflection and inspiration. Do not let the following days be filled with emptiness and anxiety. Use it […]

Practice Self-love during Self-isolation

During challenging times where there is uncertainty, fear, panic and even death it is absolutely normal for one’s anxiety to increase. We are amidst a worldwide crisis health wise and economically but this crisis does not have to be your crisis. What I can tell you is that we are […]

Pursuing Your Resolutions or Realising your Resolutions

This year, there is a difference in the air as it is a new decade. Society shifts everything at the dawn of a new decade. Music is categorized by decades. History is grouped by decades. If there is ever a time where starting fresh, shifting perspectives, or changing from who […]

New Year, New You!

This year, there is a difference in the air as it is a new decade. Society shifts everything at the dawn of a new decade. Music is categorized by decades. History is grouped by decades. If there is ever a time where starting fresh, shifting perspectives, or changing from who […]

Healing yourself, to heal your business

My mission is to get my clients into a space whereby they feel wanted, appreciated and valued at work and in all aspects of their personal lives. We all have unique talents and should find a job that allows us to grow, learn and live our passions. However the limiting […]

Do you need to realign and rebalance yourself and find your true direction?

The feeling of being constantly overwhelmed, tired and anxious while trying to juggle the household chores and family dynamics after a long, draining unpleasant day at the office, should not be anyone’s reality. If you look at your life and think how did this happen to me? This is not […]

Does your job give you happiness, fulfillment and a feeling of success?

One should have enough energy, psychological grounding and mental focus so as to be consistently productive at work. You should be able to maintain a balanced lifestyle, allowing you to get other “stuff” done and yet not feel constantly behind with your workload. On Friday’s you should be excited for […]

Why should you be setting strong personal boundaries?

In order to ensure you have healthy boundaries that serve you and the lifestyle you want to live, you need to find your inner voice and not be afraid to tell people how you truly feel. Your opinion matters and those around you, who truly matter, will listen. Your confidence […]